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Welcome to our life, love, and home! We are Michael and Cristy, Just a goofy couple who likes making things look pretty! In late 2018 we started our dream home restoration, a late 1800s Victorian mansion in Howell, MI (Greenaway-Ballard mansion) where we got married on the front porch in June 2020! We are both home grown Michiganders with a love for old things and making them pretty again. When we aren't working on the house or brainstorming new ideas for our growing business we enjoy spending time together and with our families. We like to do all the same things so that definitely helps. We will go junking, garage saleing, or picking things out of the garbage, It's typically house, DIY, or decorating related. One of the best things about our life and love together is that we don't have to be doing anything at all and we still laugh like crazy and have the best time no matter what. 

As of Summer 2020 we have created a curated collection of European inspired goods and interior design tips and tricks! Thanks for checking out our website and for learning a little about us! We are excited to have you here!

We are so thrilled to be able to have this opportunity to take on The Iron Victorian, but with that also comes a lot of challenges and truthfully many of those challenges are bigger than we had imagined. First off, we are tired. Always tired. We both work full-time jobs outside of the house restoratuon so finding time to work on our home after work, on the weekends, or early mornings before work, really are our only options that we have. Luckily we have the same eye for things and have the same concept in mind for the design we want in the home so that definitely helps when deciding all the things like floors, paint, color schemes, and furniture.

 This project certainly has a lot of pressure to make sure this home is restored in a way where it is respectful of it's history but also has a reflection of who we are and the design elements that we like. We want to keep things as original as possible but also we realize that this house has to be functional and set up in a way where we can live there and love and enjoy it. We definitely will be putting our own stamp on things.

 We are now waist deep in this home restoration and as of right now, we probably don't sleep enough, or eat enough well balanced meals, and maybe we wear the same shirt two days in a row because we have no time for laundry but we are loving our life together restoring The Iron Victorian and we love being able to share it with anyone who is interested. We feel so fortunate to have each other to lean on, our families support, and now the support of the community, as we are now well under way on this journey together!

We are on this journey to not only teach how to restore this old fixer upper but learn even more along the way.

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