French Versailles Planter (DIY)

Materials  Cut List
1- 4x4x6ft 4-18in
2- 1x4x8ft 12-12in 2-16in
1- 2x4x8ft 8- 10.5in
2- 1x2x6ft 8- 12in  16- 2.5in
1- 1x6x4ft 4- 10.5in
1- L shaped trim 4ft 4- 10.5in
4- finials
40- finish screws 8x2in
136 finish nails 2in


1) Attach three 1x4x12 to two 2x4x10.5

repeat x 4 to Make 4 total panels 

2) Attach made panel from step 1 to two 4x4x18

- Place 1x4 under panel so it will sit higher on 4x4

- Using another 1x4 to evenly slide panel down 4x4

- Once your panel is in place toe nail or screw into 4x4

repeat x 2

3) Attach remaining panels to step 2 creating a box


4) Attach two 1x4x16 to bottom of box 

- bottom of box has largest gap between floor and panel

5) attach L shaped trim to top of panel

repeat x 4

6) Attach 1x6x10.5 bottom of Panel

-Add decorative cut for more detail*

repeat x 4

7) Add two 1x2x12 Strapping

repeat x 4

8) Add four 1x2x2.5 to end of each strap

repeat x 4


9) Add finial

- Draw X on top of each 4x4 

- Drill on X

- Screw in Finial

10) Paint!!

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