1. Build IKEA Tarva dressers/ cut feet to sit flat on floor

2. Paint pattern

3. Add lattice trim

4. Add trunk hardware

1. Build Tarva wood dressers

I used the small and medium sized dressers because they would work perfectly together. IKEA also has a large long Tarva dresser that would work fantastic as one large trunk.

Cut the four feet so that the dresser sits flat on the floor instead of being raised up. 

2. Paint Pattern 

The Rayee Canvas LV trunk 1872-1888 “striped”


Paint whole dresser with Chiffon cream paint

Using 18mm painters tape mask off evenly spaced stripes 

Now using subtle suede paint paint over masked off dresser for secondary stripe color. Then remove tape when still wet. 

The Monogram Canvas LV trunk 1896- Present


 Paint whole dresser with espresso brown paint

Using plastic LV stencil from Etsy apply look at me gold paint covering the dresser completely with the pattern. 

3. Trim out trunk

The Rayee canvas trunk 

Completely trim out dresser using strips of painted black lattice making sure to hide the seams of the drawers but still making sure each drawer opens. 

For character trim out a couple drawers with stained pieces of lattice. 

The Monogram Canvas Trunk 

Completely trim out with faux leather painted pieces of lattice  (As seen in video) 

Again to add characters use a few stained peices of lattice on a few drawers

 4. Add Hardware! 

Dress that dresser up with decorative corner brackets, latches and decorative nails. 

The more brass the better! 


Ikea Tarva dresser 

Chiffon Cream Paint 

Subtle Sued Paint 

Espresso Brown Paint 

Look At Me Gold Paint 

Aging Wax 



LV Stencil 

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