New Deconstructed Couch

4 guidelines to deconstruct a new piece of furniture

1. Investigate

• Feel around and crawl around figuring out what your furniture is made out of and possibly what is beneath your fabric

2. Make a plan

• Decide what you want to remove and what sections you want to keep

• Keep sections you will touch when seated and remove everything else

3. Stay away from seam

• When removing sections give yourself plenty of space away from seams or sections you will be keeping

• Once a section is roughly removed go back in and clean up cuts with a better vision of what needs to go and what you want to stay

4. Add textures, angles, and layers 

• Use fabric like jute and burlap- materials that would have been used on antique pieces

• Layer and angle fabrics to create more depth and interest 

• Use brass or iron tacks to give an old world look



Brass nails 





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