Scandinavian Bleached Floors

Bleached floors in 3 steps!

  1. Sand
  2. Bleach
  3. Poly


Step 1.

Sand floors ending with 80 grit sandpaper. 80 grit sandpaper creates the perfect smooth surface without giving the wood any sheen. It will also keep the wood pores open enough to insure even application of bleach and poly.


  • Clean surface


Step 2.

Bleaching floors! To do so we used Woca wood lye in the tinted white. Since I am no professional, I applied it board by board with only a paint brush to maximize my control of the product and ensure a nice even coat. We did 2 coats of this product, looking back we may have done 3 coats to give a even more bleached look.


Step 3.

It's poly time! Using a T-bar and Cut in pad we applied Bona Traffic Hd. Bona Traffic HD was the hardest water based poly we could find. It is important to use a water based poly to keep floors from yellowing. Apply two coats of this poly using "T-Bar method" abrading in between each coat with fine Brillo pad.



1- Sand floor ending with 80 grit sandpaper

•clean shop-vac/ tack clothe

2- Woca wood lye applied with brush x 2

3- Poly bona traffic HD 2 coats abrading in between 


Cut In Pad


Bona Traffic HD

Woca Wood Lye


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