The History of The Iron Victorian

The Iron Victorian, formerly known as The Greenaway-Ballard Mansion is a Victorian home built in the late 1800s and inherited its original name from the first owner of the home, George Greenaway. Greenaway was a pioneer blacksmith in Howell, MI. In 1913 the home was deeded to Greenaway's daughter Emma Greenaway- Ballard. The home was sold to the Erwin family who were relatives of the original owners the Greenaways leaving this home with the same family for almost 100 years. The Erwin family later sold the home to the Roberts family in 1966. The Greenaway-Ballard mansion has undergone some changes over the years but still maintains many of its original features. This beauty has now sat vacant for the past 10 years ......With the history of this home originating with George Greenaway, a blacksmith its only fitting its called the Iron Victorian embodying the strength and beauty it holds.


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