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1. Build IKEA Tarva dressers/ cut feet to sit flat on floor

2. Paint pattern

3. Add lattice trim

4. Add trunk hardware

1. Build Tarva wood dressers

I used the small and medium sized dressers because they would work perfectly together. IKEA also has a large long Tarva dresser that would work fantastic as one large trunk.

Cut the four feet so that the dresser sits flat on the...

Scandinavian Bleached Floors

Scandinavian Bleached Floors

Bleached floors in 3 steps!

  1. Sand
  2. Bleach
  3. Poly


Step 1.

Sand floors ending with 80 grit sandpaper. 80 grit sandpaper creates the perfect smooth surface without giving the wood any sheen. It will also keep the wood pores open enough to insure even application of bleach and poly.


New Deconstructed Couch

New Deconstructed Couch

4 guidelines to deconstruct a new piece of furniture

1. Investigate

• Feel around and crawl around figuring out what your furniture is made out of and possibly what is beneath your fabric

2. Make a plan

• Decide what you want to remove and what sections you want to keep

• Keep sections you will touch when seated and remove everything...

Ornate TV Frame (DIY)

French Versailles Planter (DIY)

French Versailles Planter (DIY)


Materials  Cut List
1- 4x4x6ft 4-18in
2- 1x4x8ft 12-12in 2-16in
1- 2x4x8ft 8- 10.5in
2- 1x2x6ft 8- 12in  16- 2.5in
1- 1x6x4ft 4- 10.5in
1- L shaped trim 4ft 4- 10.5in
4- finials
40- finish screws 8x2in
136 finish nails 2in